First Time Homebuyers

“My wife and I highly recommend Luke without a doubt. He promptly responds and does what he says. He is always open to answering those first time buyer questions and never responds in a way that makes you doubt your intelligence. He is very knowledgeable, performs strategies that work, and is very good at finding out answers. With this being said, my wife and I feel that he can be asked anything and he will do his best to help us and make things easier for us. He is able to follow through and be involved in the WHOLE process in buying a home. When first buying a home it is very foreign and Luke makes the process as smooth as possible. At the end of the process he asked if we needed any help with regards to moving into our new home. I responded (jokingly) that yes we need the lawn mowed. The next day, it was mowed with the plants maintained at no cost to us. Even though our home buying transaction is complete, he still responds quickly to our questions. So in a nut shell, look no further and hire Luke right away for all your home buying/selling needs.”